Welcome to my clothing vault, where you can find trendy and affordable outfits for your every need and occasion. My online vault consists of personal never worn and rarely worn brand name apparel in impeccable condition. 

My friends and relatives know me well for my fashion style, and you will see this for yourself. There is excellent fashion for every size and age.


Please note: my shop only sells one item of its kind, meaning, if you buy a dress, then that dress is gone from my shop. So, if you hesitate or procrastinate too long, the dress may be purchased already. 


I also offer an online membership to create a personal account to keep track of all your purchases. 


 Love and great appreciation to all of you who become a vault customer. I know I've made a new friend in you with every purchase of my personal clothing.


Please get in touch if you have any questions or simply want to introduce yourself as a new clothing vault customer. 


Welcome to my fashion Vault! 

Yours Truly,

Linda Jean Runstein


46748 Silver Fir St.

Parker, CO 80138

Tel: 720-254-9700


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