About me and the idea of selling my own collection of clothing!

When you are a Clotheshorse, like me, you tend to buy more clothing than what is considered practical or even necessary. With several closets full of clothes and plenty of stuffed drawers, I would end up with more apparel than what I could wear from week to week. I was always giving away items either I never got to wear or only wore a few times. It wasn't easy considering that I bought the best and expensive most of the time.


If I were to add up what I bought in the last few years, it would probably be thousands of dollars, yet, my husband (Bob) claims in the millions. He may be right! To this day, I am giving away beautiful new and somewhat used apparel. What to do? Stop buying and start selling. YES!


I have skills in high fashion & style and web design, marketing, photography, and writing articles for content. On March 28th at around 2 pm, in the afternoon, I had a light bulb moment! Design a shop web site and start selling what I have never worn and hardly wore. Hence my online shop,  Linda Runstein's Private Clothing Vault.


Welcome to my fashion Vault!

46748 Silver Fir St.

Parker, CO 80138

Tel: 720-254-9700


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