About me and the idea of selling my own collection of clothing!

When you are a Clotheshorse, like me, you tend to buy more clothing than what is considered practical or even necessary. With several closets full of clothes and plenty of stuffed drawers, I would end up with more apparel than what I could wear from week to week. I was always giving away items either I never got to wear or only wore a few times. It was difficult considering that I bought the best and expensive most of the time.


If I were to add up what I bought in the last few years, it would probably be in the thousands of dollars, yet, my husband (Bob), claims in the millions. He may be right! To this day, I am giving away beautiful new and somewhat used apparel. What to do? Stop buying and start selling. YES!


I have skills not only in high fashion & style but in web design, marketing, photography, writing articles for content. On March 28th at around 2 pm, in the afternoon, I had a light bulb moment! Design a shop web site and start selling what I have never worn and hardly wore. Hence my online shop: Linda Runstein's Private Clothing Vault.


When you enter my site, you will find plenty of fabulous clothing collections within my spacious vault. These collections consist of:













My friends and relatives know me well for my fashion style, and you will see this for yourself. There is excellent fashion for almost every size female.


Please note: my shop only sells one item of its kind, meaning, if you buy a dress then that dress is gone from my shop. So, if you hesitate or procrastinate too long, the dress may be purchased already. 


I also offer a great online membership where you can create a personal account to keep track of all your purchases and blog posts.  Have fun contributing articles on everything from shopping to your favorite style or simply tell us about yourself.  Love and great thanks to all of you, along with your favorite style!


Welcome to my fashion Vault! 


Linda Jean Runstein

46748 Silver Fir St.

Parker, CO 80138

Tel: 720-254-9700


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