Hello, my name is  Linda Runstein, and, yes, my face in the photo could use some facial powder. Too late! 


I want to welcome you to my Clothing Vault Online! It's a whole new experience in fashion buying, from my clothing vault for you to own in your closet.  

These are all highly-priced fashion items that I bought that you can purchase at a lower price. How convenient is that? You'll find fabulous clothing, never worn, and hardly worn. You can't get that at any consignment store, right?  

Plus, you get to experience a whole new feminine fashion style that now can become yours. I've been praised again and again for my unique wardrobe; now it's your turn to make a stunning & impressive entrance. I guarantee you will simply love my fantastic clothing!


Enjoy the new shopping experience! 

Your's Truly, Linda Runstein  



46748 Silver Fir St.

Parker, CO 80138

Tel: 720-254-9700


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